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Investor, Advisor, and Visionary in Sacramento, California

About Me

I engineer e-commerce revolutions.

Beyond growth, I build market-leading businesses with peak performance and optimal scalability.

Think of it as business engineering: every element streamlined, every system optimized.

Ready to transform your ordinary into extraordinary? Let's unveil the strategies that redefine your potential and set industry benchmarks.

what i offer

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Streamline processes

I'll help you implement systems and procedures that eliminate inefficiencies and free up your time and resources.

Scale your business

I'll provide you with the tools and strategies you need to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

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Sell more

I'll help you refine your marketing and sales efforts to attract more customers and convert them into loyal fans.

what they say

I started working with Talon Harris a few months ago, I felt like I was completely off track with my business. I have been a realtor for over 17 years and needed some guidance with the market shift. Talon has the great quality of understanding a person and what works for them.

Any person that is self employed will go through ups and downs and a lot of times it has to with with personal growth.

So much reflects from who we are at the core and learning what makes us tick is an important component to get back "in the flow." Talon was able to help navigate and redirect me back to being "on point" which resulted in increased production.

Talon was quick to respond with a solution that fit and worked for me. Thank you Talon for your knowledge and guidance!

what they say

I wanna take a moment and give this man a shout out because he deserves it.

I had the opportunity to work with Talon and I am so grateful that I took it. His guidance and coaching pushed me in ways I didn't know I needed to be pushed. He challenged me to invest in myself daily and provided me with the tools needed to do so. His confidence and depth of knowledge were so beneficial during this process.

Talon is a strong and clear communicator and for me this was essential and played a powerful role in my growth. He pointed me in the direction I wanted to go and helped clarify my vision of what that looked like.

Talon embodies greatness and working with him proved to be invaluable for my process and personal growth in stepping up my game and engaging life in a whole new way. Thank you Talon. Talon Harris.

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